Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Looking Back

It's been awhile.

Yeah, I'm really stretching the "awhile" definition since the last time I posted on here was in January. I imagine I was wearing a sweater when I wrote my last blog entry, probably had the heater on, and might've been looking forward to hot soup for dinner. It was cold outside. As I type this it's 93 degrees in Austin, which is still pretty mild for a Texas summer. I'm wearing a sleeveless dress made out of t-shirt material, and I have both the air conditioner AND the ceiling fan cranked up. I think I'll have a Popsicle for dinner. In other words, it's not been days or weeks since I've blogged; it's been two whole seasons!

In January I finally gave up trying to keep my writing blog current (though I managed to attend to my photography blog here and there.) I had just finished my hardest semester in college and was headed into another one. In fact, within twelve months I earned 48 college credit hours, while at the same time running my own business, getting married, moving, meeting siblings I had never known, starting another business, and helping care for a mom who has cancer. As I just re-read the last sentence I was hit with the weight of it. Am I crazy? Apparently so. Who in their right mind thinks they can do that many things at once? That would be me (though I question the "right mind" part.) Anyway, all that to say I was so covered up in academic reading and writing, I didn't have the energy or the time to write for pleasure. Yes, for me, blogging is a pleasure (at least it is today; ask me in a month or two and I might be singing a different song.) Why might I change my tune, you ask? Because I'm turning over a new leaf. No, really. I'm tempted to make a pledge to write a new blog entry every single day -- even if it's just a few lines. But that sounds like a trip to Ball and Chain-ville, and I've vowed not to visit there this summer. No, I'm going to tone it down a little. For the next month I'm going to try and offer something twice per week. And if I don't deliver, well, I'm going to forgive myself. I don't think I have many regular readers anyway (two, perhaps?) We shall see how it goes.

In the meantime I am happy to report that I've finished my coursework and in August will officially graduate from St. Edwards University with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Writing and Rhetoric. Whew. It's been a wild ride but completely worth it. I wouldn't change a thing, except that maybe I'd divide the last twelve months into equal parts and give myself two or three years to get it all done. But that's hindsight now. And I'm just not that in to rear-view mirrors anymore.

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Rebecca said...

regular reader here! gotcha on my feed.

Cat said...

Sign me up,too,as a regular reader!

happytheman said...

uh regular liver her...uh I live with you thus I live this :)